In September, Libera celebrated its 1 year anniversary. A total of 84 articles were published by 54 collaborators from 11 different countries.

Since the start of the project, we had in mind to create a paper magazine, convinced that this physical object is important and that digital technology cannot be the only media of communication. And today, after this year of online development, we are excited to embark on the paper journey.

We will use the same ingredients that have been at the core of Libera: independence, commitment, citizenship, reflection and multiculturality. And we add something new: a unique theme.

For this first edition we have chosen: The promised freedom. Why ? If you’ve been following us from the start, you know that Libera means freedom in Esperanto. From our point of view, freedom is one of the central values ​​to  form a society and for living life in a fulfilling manner. But very often this freedom is a promise, carried as a banner and lacks an in-depth reflection on its meaning or an ethical implementation.

We are launching the call for proposals and we invite you to reflect with us on the promised freedom. We want everyone to make this theme its own, with their vision and definition.

We invite you to fill out the below form (online or via a downlodable PDF) to send your contribution proposal. Once the proposals are received, we will make a selection and commission the contributions from the selected people.

Theme: the promised freedom

Deadline to send your ideas: 26 November 2021 

Formats: free as always – editorial piece, reportage, interview, illustration, pictures, poem, culture review … 

Financial compensation: with invoices or copyright note

Language: still french, english and/or spanish

We look forward to reading your proposals and we are here to give you any additional information you may need.
We will let you know about the next steps of the magazine and the upcoming pre-order campaign.