Libera is an independant, committed media, a free and activist voice among many, aiming at spreading a political expression around current social issues. As we are worried about inequalities, violences, imbalances, injustices, oppressions, persecutions and persisting abuses, we are aligned with critical and intersectional thinking.

Our aim is to approach all topics that can question, bring doubts, put things into perspective with intellectual honesty and debunk beliefs.

Libera is a place for debates, rising questions, alternatives, values, choices and meaning.

We wish to give the opportunity to speak freely to people, act as an amplifier to the diversity of views, deepen and move forward everyone’s thoughts.

We don’t impose absolute truth, convinced that the first step towards fixing problems is to face up to reality and then think collectively about solutions.

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Open debates and thoughts on contemporary issues


Give a platform to passionate and activists citizens


Unite intersectional and multicultural fights


Why Libera ?

From the latin “liber”, Libera means being free in esperanto. This name represents our will to promote a diversity of views, breaking languages barriers and to take on universal issues.

Freedom in all its forms (speech, thought, choice, opinion, religion etc) is the core value of the magazine.
Unfortunately, we believe that freedom is still too much constrained by contemporary economic, social and political structures. Libera also means putting into perspective these hindering determinisms and put forward another idea of the world, where freedom would be a true reality.

Photo by Alex Paganelli on Unsplash

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

The Collective

Laëtitia and Nadège, two friends who met in college, share the same social activism, curiosity and wish to amplify alternative ideas and point of views. That’s why they co-created Libera.

To that date, the following person participate to Libera’s development: Michelle Assaad, Aurélie, Diana Betancourt Herrera, Mélanie Body, Felipe Bogotá, Maria Bueno, Julia Cabrera, Mario Renato Cavani Quevedo, Sophie Chevrot-Bianco, Matias Coetsee, Paloma Costa, Ángeles de la Torre, Marion Dubois, Olivier Esteban, Darío Farcy, Felipe, Maiá Fernandes Bueno, Fleur, Mariela Franceschelli, G7, Greta Guzmán, Hachim, Juliana IDK, Jasmine, Le groupe musée, Marie Hommeau, Huellas Sonoras, La Philantrope, Martín Lassalle, Ana Llácer, Luis Lobos Robles, Mar Lucea, Madeline, Karla Ónodi, Rogers Otero, Victor Romero Zepeda, Agustina Salinas, Camilo Sánchez, Chloé Sebagh, Camille Sova, Talien photographer, Elisa Torres Olave, Anna Viallet, Juliette Vogt, Anne-Lise Vray, Katharina Wiese.

In March 2021, Libera officially became a registered non profit organization under the French law. You can read our statutes here.