Since our launch in September 2020 we have given a voice to a diversity of people who have addressed topics such as diversity in Spanish art, female pleasure, the Chilean insurrection or apoliticism. All in 3 languages ​​(French, Spanish and English) with a freedom of format, tone and style left to the authors.

Today we want to launch our first paper edition!

And to do this we need to raise €10,000.


This paper edition will use the same ingredients as the online version: independence, commitment, citizenship, trilingualism, reflection and multiculturalism. And we add something new: a unique theme.

We will talk about the Promised Freedom. Why ? Libera means to be free in Esperanto. Freedom in all its forms (expression, thought, choice, opinion, conscience etc.) is the fundamental value on which the essence of the magazine is based.

From our point of view, freedom is one of the central values ​​for society and for living a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, freedom is still too constrained by contemporary economic, social and political structures.

It is therefore very often just a promise, carried as a banner that lacks in-depth reflection on its meaning or an ethical implementation. We have therefore selected 12 contributors who will make this theme in their own way and produce editorial pieces, report, short story, poem, illustrations…

Why support us?

  • Supporting us means adhering to the values ​​of freedom, independence, commitment and critical reflection.
  • Supporting us is to consider that we need more platforms of expression, magazines promoting intersectional approaches, critical reflection and interculturality.
  • Supporting us means considering that everyone can benefit from legitimacy, a space and listening to express themselves.

Very concretely, your donations will finance the fixed costs of publishing the first paper magazine. We implement the project on a voluntary basis but in order to guarantee the quality of the final product, we must invest in the following budget items:

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Please reach out to us at if you have any questions regarding this matter.
¡We thank you in advance for your support. Every donation matters, even the smallest !