¿Why support Libera?

Libera is an alternative magazine, carried by our wish to highlight progressive ideas and enable debates and reflexions. We are publishing it only online for now but we hope to soon be able to create a paper edition every 6 months.

Our entrepreneurial project is only supported by our committed and passionate volunteering. However we still have fixed costs linked to the development. This is why, if you appreciate what we produce, and are able to, we would be very grateful if you could support us by donating money.

With your support, we will be able to: 

Pay for fixed costs like the website, graphic design and advertisement
Invest for the development of the paper edition
In the long run, pay our contributors for their labour of intellectual production
-Improve editorial quality (reports, field studies, publication rights etc.)

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Please reach out to us at hello@magazine-libera.com if you have any questions regarding this matter.
¡We thank you in advance for your support. Every donation matters, even the smallest !